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Mike Good

Owner/Personal Trainer

I started “GOOD TRAINING” so that I could successfully see results with my clients. I have been working with clients for over fifteen years. In that time I've seen it all and worked with all shapes, sizes and body types. It's great to work with new people and help them develop a fitness plan to work in their lives. The best part of owning my own business is that I get to see and track the results with my clients. Your success is MY success! I have a degree in Sports Management and I am an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer. I also have an extensive background in physical therapy studies, injury rehab and nutrition counseling and have had exercise programs published in Men’s Exercise Magazine. Health and fitness have been a large part of my life over the years and I've learned the best techniques to help you achieve your goals!

Jillian Provost

Personal Trainer
Health Coach

As a certified health coach I’ve broadened my horizons in the wellness industry as a personal trainer. Not only will I hold you accountable as your trainer, I’ll help transform you into becoming your best self. Gain strength, endurance, and shed the extra pounds, all while attaining knowledge and confidence that’ll propel you into a life of better health!


Personal Trainer

I developed my love of fitness after going on a weight loss journey of my own, starting as a client at Good Training. I lost a total of 125 pounds and have kept it off. I've reached a lot of physical goals including competing in obstacle fitness races and running a marathon. I specialize in weight loss and body weight exercise. I am an ACE certified personal trainer and hold certifications in youth, group training and weight loss. What makes working with me so productive is that it's fun and I know how tough all of this can be because I lived it!

Jeff Cushman, BS,CSCS


Jeff has been a coach and personal trainer in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Jeff’s passion is coaching and educating his clients at all levels to reach and exceed their fitness levels, and health goals. He enjoys working with all fitness levels, and has coached athletes as well as persons with special medical conditions, orthopedic issues, weight loss clients and older adults. He specializes in one on one, small group and large group training.

Philosophy: Everyone has their own personal fitness level and concerns regarding their health and well being. Providing the appropriate level of intensity in exercise, nutritional needs and motivation for each individual are the keys to helping you continue a healthy lifestyle.

BS in Health Fitness from Springfield College
National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – American Heart Association

Jenn Scheffer

Personal Trainer

Jenn Scheffer has been a certified fitness professional for the past twenty years. She is an accomplished NPC Figure Competitor and is passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Jenn specializes in strength and circuit training and has extensive knowledge about nutrition. Her goal is to design a balanced exercise program for her clients that will ultimately lead to a total lifestyle transformation.

Larissa Trainer

As a certified trainer and female athlete I wanted to share my love for fitness with others and becoming a personal trainer has been a great way to share my passion. I help educate and motivate my clients to help them take their health and fitness to the highest level for them. I help give my clients the tools they need to change their lives mind and body.

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